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Buying a Home: Only After Careful Inspection


Buying and moving to a new house is a big step in anyone’s life. You are not just deciding on shelter but your overall comfort in the future. Some may even plan on moving because they want to start a family. Others may only want a change in scenery or go on to something bigger. Whatever your needs...

Industry Leaders

What to Do After Receiving a Rent Increase Notice

Landlords change rent fees for different agendas. A rent increase may be reasonable if the cause is market-related or a desperate attempt to save the business. Some landlords would also issue an increase as a way to drive bad tenants out. But if you’ve been a good tenant and you received a rent...

Industry Leaders

Minority Firms in Minnesota Calls the State Business Program a “Joke”


The issue of minority and racial difference in the country isn’t only disheartening, but also disruptive in the progress and development of the nation. MPR News reports, discrimination against firms run by minorities from the business banks in Minnesota to IT software firms are rampant and only...

On the Radar

A Cheesy Revelation: Why Pizza Always Tastes Better in Restaurants


Apparently, restaurant pizzas will always taste better because — guess what — they’re from restaurants. And even if you have the exact recipe, it won’t be of the same quality because you’re trying to fit in procedures exclusive to restaurant equipment. That’s why Pizzeria Vecchia suggests...

Inside Business

Loans, Investors & Crowdfunding: 3 Ways to Fund Your Business


There are businesses sprouting everywhere, every day. This probably makes you wonder where the money for such ventures is coming from. If you want to set up your own business, it is only proper to figure this part out as you may have avenues to fund a new business that you did not know about before. Here...

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Before You Make a Move: Top Questions to Ask Yourself

If you ask a few people what the most stressful actions are for them, changing jobs and moving homes are probably part of their answers – if not the top ones. Trying to do both can even be tougher. You may have to switch cities or states to keep a job or to find new opportunities for a living....

Inside Business

Dog Days of Summer: Outdoor Marketing for Your Canine Business

Chihuahua Puppy in a Mug

The summer is a great time for dog related businesses — the weather is perfect for taking the dogs out for a walk, and more people are spending their time outdoors. With the summer season in full swing, companies would do well to take advantage of the nice weather and take their advertising outside. Advertising...

Market Watch

Putting More Weight to Promo Products: More About Connection Than Exposure

For as long as promo products existed, it has all been about getting seen. Give this to them, hand this and hand that; it is not wrong to say that a lot of promotional items have one purpose. It is not the brightest use of promo products, but it does work. This method, however, only creates one-time...

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Motel Mortgages for Homeless People

The government loan only bought her family two weeks at the local motel. It looks like Nicole and her children would have to sleep in the car again. After begging Work and Income to loan her another $2200, Nicole has no choice but to move her six, two, and eight-week-old back beneath the only roof they...

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Prepare Yourself for the Incoming School Year through This


Many rumors and myths surround the phrase “summer classes.” Most people believe that summer school is only for students who failed subjects in their previous term. Although this is true in many cases, this is not the only purpose it serves. The American Academy notes that when you take summer school...