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Job Advice to Overachievers: You’ve Got to Start Somewhere


It is not just millennials who turn down chances for a job. In every age group and generation, there are always people who stick to the thinking that they deserve more. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it is the younger people who do that, it harms their chances. More than that, they do not...

Global Trends

A Globetrotter’s Checklist: Necessary Preparations Before Your Flight


You already bought your flight, booked your hotel and reserved a rental car. Does that mean you are finally ready for your most-awaited tour in Asia? Some travellers think that finalising the travel trifecta of plane-car-hotel bookings is already the end of their preparation. But, that is just the beginning....

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What You Should Know Before, During, and After a Mortgage Default


Data from Experian’s Decision Analytics Group shows an average mortgage balance of $157,154. That’s more or less how much the typical American household owes on a mortgage. In comparison, the average household income is a mere $52,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Those who earn as much or...

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3 Ways to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One

Funeral Ceremony in Clearfield

Losing a family member, especially one who was close to you, is one of the most emotionally devastating challenges you can ever go through in life. Although death is inevitable, there might still be a sense of shock and disbelief when you lose someone you love. Here are a few things you need to do to...

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Is it Difficult for You to Say No to People? Here’s What to Do.

It is difficult to say no to people, especially if they are your family or close friends. You might think that saying no to their requests could put you in a bad light. So sometimes, you sacrifice your own needs just to fulfil their wishes.  However, there are instances that you need to stay firm...

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On Colored Vs. Clear Diamonds


When it comes to choosing a diamond over other gems, it seems quite straightforward. People almost always go for the diamond. It is, after all, one of the rarest and most valuable of its kind on Earth. Buyers of engagement rings, therefore, frequent shops like Hal Davis Jewelers in Boise because of...

Industry Leaders

Tell-Tale Signs of Counterfeit Appliances and Devices


The current state of counterfeiting is considered a global epidemic. In the United States, the economic cost attributable to counterfeits is estimated to be about $200 billion annually with over 750,000 job losses. With the stakes so high, spotting a fake from an authentic is not a straight forward exercise....

Industry Leaders

Indonesia to Lead Digital Economy in Southeast Asia by 2025


Indonesia’s e-commerce sector will emerge as the largest market in Southeast Asia by 2025, accounting for half of region's market value expected to be worth US$46 billion, according to a Google and Temasek’s study covering six countries in the region. The five other countries...

Global Trends

Should You Move to a Larger Home?


If you have been living in a smaller home for quite some time now, you may be wondering if it’s the right time to upgrade. This is especially true if there’s a new addition to your family or if you or your spouse got a promotion. Positive life changes like these may justify your desire for a bigger...

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Regaining Trust Issues: Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Getting a car loan after being bankrupt will have a lot of challenges. Lenders will be more cautious assuming you might default on the new loan. The only way to get past their trust issues is to prove that the risk of a default happening is extremely low. If you want to get a car loan in Arkansas despite...