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Algomi and Euronext: Algomi Investment Success Story

a digital board with world map, graph and figures representing financial technologyRecently Euronext has been undergoing somewhat of an acquisition spree, trying to diversify to avoid market turbulence in today’s financial world. Euronext’s acquisitions haven’t been random at all, they aim to put money in places that could directly affect their business, doubling their investment.

For example, Euronext’s partnership with UK-based financial technology company Algomi. Investment in Algomi has given Euronext a minority stake in Algomi, as well as a 10-year development plan to create software that can enhance Euronext’s business.

This is a great way to diversify and well-established financial institutions worldwide are doing the same. For example, Goldman Sachs’s acquisition of Honest Dollar, the digital retirement saving system, which they could provide for their current customers.

In one move, companies working with innovative and fast-paced fintechs like Algomi can gain a significant investment and improve their own services.

Who are Algomi and what do they do?

Algomi are a UK-based company, founded by Stu Taylor, Usman Khan, Robert Howes and Robert Schmidt in 2012. Since the company started, the staff has grown to over 140 employees with offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Algomi has benefitted from the turbulent market conditions in the fixed income market, creating solutions for traders all over the world. Their aim is to create platforms and systems that revitalise and transform the bond market.

Algomi’s revolutionary work

Euronext’s plan with Algomi is to develop a pan-European trading platform that aggregates huge amounts of data collected from Algomi’s other programs.

The platform is to be released imminently, with a further view to bring the network of fixed income venues to traders around the world, breaking into the North American market.

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Stu Taylor, co-founder and chief executive of Algomi, said: “Partnering with an established exchange to provide fixed income traders with a single resource for price discovery, trade execution and settlement on illiquid bonds is a major part of our mission to unlock liquidity.”

Aside from Algomi’s work with Euronext, Algomi develops software for buy-side and sell-side traders, allowing them to make more informed and efficient trading decisions.

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