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2 Understated Benefits of a 1031 Property Exchange

House Model, Key, Pen and ContractThe real estate sector is a proven way to create wealth and improve your financial situation. A growing population creates a rising demand for more rental properties in the residential and commercial front. Such factors make the sector attractive for people keen to get a firm grip on their finances.

While the property market is teeming with promises, mistakes or changing preferences often require people to rethink their choices. If you have a driving need to rethink your investment choices, you are better off looking through the various TIC properties for sale from firms such as 1031 Exchange Place.

Correct an investment mistake

In a rush to cash in on the growing commercial real estate sector, you may make grievous errors. Unfortunately, such errors only debut when you’ve already sealed the deal, and you’re not stuck with them. You may overestimate the market, pick the wrong location, or fail to market the property properly.

In such cases, you might have to contend with poor rental income, which might ruin your investment strategy. Instead of incurring additional losses, you can trade the loss-making property for a better one. Under the terms of a 1031 exchange, you can switch between sections in the commercial real estate.

You can dispose a block of apartments and acquire an office block, industrial complex, a farm, anything. You can also buy a share in a large institution and sidestep the management responsibilities.

Move to a choice destination

If you plan to retire in a different state or location, but all your real estate holdings are in your current place of residence, you might have a bit of problem. You can choose to either manage them from a distance or put them on the market. Each of these options has certain unpleasant shortcomings.

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But not a 1031 property exchange. You can just trade your properties for up to three other properties in your retirement destination. With proper execution, you can trade up your property and increase your rental income. Also, you can diversify your real estate holding and shore up your financial situation.

Alternatively, you can opt for a tenants-in-common agreement (TIC) where the location of the property doesn’t matter and enjoy your retirement.

Mistakes in real estate investing can prove tricky and difficult to correct. Luckily, a Section 1031 property exchange offers you a way out without costing you an arm and a leg.

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