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2 Ways to Help Older People Become More Independent

Senior citizen on his electric wheelchairThe UK has a huge population of carers: there are about 6 million of them. Moreover, within the next 20 years, the number will go up to 9 million. While the government provides subsidies and other types of financial assistance, being a carer remains a tough and demanding responsibility.

Many of the carers take part-time jobs. Some would have to quit employment. The obligation can also take a toll on the person’s health and well-being. About 600,000 of them suffer from a mental or physical health issue because of the stress.

But here is something you should know: you can teach older people to be more independent. In fact, the ability to move around by themselves remains to be one of the biggest desires of seniors and individuals with a disability.

Here are some of the ideas you can pursue.

Prep the Home

Encourage the seniors to downsize. The fewer things they have, the more space they get to move around. Older people may also have to exchange a two-story home to a one-floor apartment or condominium unit near public facilities such as grocery and hospitals. Inside, you can deck out the home with accessible features.

Invest in a Power or Electric Wheelchair

According to a US study, more seniors are buying mobility devices from wheelchairs to canes. Although this reduces the risk of falling and fracture, it also limits their movements and activity. You can invest in power or electric wheelchairs.

These use a joystick to help them manoeuvre and free their hands most of the time. They can also travel longer distances. On the average, they may cover up to 20 miles on full battery charge. You can also buy extra wheelchair batteries from reputable vendors such as Battery Clerk to maximise outdoor use.

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As your loved one’s age, their dependency on you will increase. But until then, give them the power to move and be flexible with these ideas.

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