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3 Hacks to Maximise the Space of Your Storage Unit

Storage Unit in Perth Storage units are a godsend when you only have minimal storage space at your home. However, these units can quickly become chaotic and disorganised if you don’t know how to maximise the space. In turn, you’ll be forced to rent another unit or worse, you’ll have to let go of some of your valuable things. To prevent that, below are a few ways you can maximise the space of your storage unit:

  1. Stack Your Boxes Strategically

While most storage facilities in Perth provide an estimate of how many items their units can store, you still won’t be able to fit everything you’re supposed to store if you don’t strategize. One way to maximise the space is to stack your boxes strategically. Place the largest boxes at the bottom of the stack and the smallest on top. This may seem like common sense, but it’s crucial that you do this as most of the time, boxes are stacked illogically in storage units.

  1. Place Your Large Items Along the Walls of the Unit

By placing the large items near the walls of the storage unit, you’ll have an adequate amount of space on the centre for smaller possessions. Also, this way, you can move around the unit more comfortably.

  1. Make Use of the Stored Bookcases and Drawer Cabinets

If you are storing drawer cabinets, dressers, or bookcases, make sure that you’ll use them for storage as well. Put books, vases, figurines, DVDs, and other knick-knacks inside the drawer cabinets to create more floor space for other boxes and items.

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Above all these tips, remember that your storage unit is only supposed to store things that won’t fit in your home – it’s not a place where you can just put random, old things that are no longer valuable. Before putting your possessions in these units, consider sorting them out first. This will make it easier for your to see which ones you should donate, throw away, or keep in the unit for future use.

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