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3 Job Hunting Tactics That Will Get You Hired in Days

a man getting hired for a jobMany job seekers adopt the passive and reactive job hunting approach, which means they scan newspapers and websites and then apply for advertised jobs. Since this approach attracts a lot of competition, it hardly bears fruit for the majority of applicants. If you hope to land a job quickly, you are better off adopting the following tactics.

Be clear on what suits you.

Many fresh graduates do not know clearly what they are looking for. In their desperation for a job, they send out dozens of applications for different positions at various companies. That is a poor approach to job hunting. Find out what kind of job matches your passion, interests, values and qualifications. If your dream job is to work in the HR sector, for instance, then focus your search on opportunities for HR recruitment in London Bridge.

Network with the relevant people.

Networking involves asking the relevant people to assist you in finding the job you are looking for. This does not necessarily mean that the people you are talking to have to be in the same industry you are hoping to join, as long as they can connect you with the right people.

Make speculative applications.

Most jobs are never advertised. Advertising jobs is time-consuming and expensive, so most companies rather explore other methods to fill the position before placing an ad. Send speculative CVs to companies you are interested in. Even if the position you are advertising for may not be vacant, you will be among the first people to be considered when that happens.

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Most people think that finding the job of their dreams must take years of searching and a bit of good luck. In reality, if you can approach the job hunt creatively, you should be able to find just what you are looking for within a remarkably short time.

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