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3 Reasons the Quality of Your Indoor Air is Compromised

Couple Relaxed IndoorAre people in your home sneezing, wheezing, and coughing? If so, it’s likely that the quality of your indoor air is poor. Good thing, there’s a quick solution to your woes. With some thorough house cleaning and HVAC maintenance, things should go back to normal. But why exactly is your indoor air contaminated? Here are three possible explanations:

1. Your HVAC is dirty

Your heating and cooling system can become dirty within a shockingly short time. When running constantly, expect the system’s filters and vents to get bogged down by dirt within just a few weeks. If you haven’t had your unit cleaned in a few months, it’s possible that it’s blowing impurities into your home and compromising the air quality in your living area. If that’s the case, says that now is the time to call an air conditioning repair expert to clean the system.

2. Your ventilation has issues

A substandard ventilation can lead to poor air quality. If there are blocked air ducts or holes in the ventilation system, then you’ll have unwanted debris within the HVAC over time. Not only will your heating and conditioning system have to work extra hard due to poor air circulation, your indoor air will also be polluted. The solution is to have a professional fix the entire ventilation system

3. There’s moisture in the house

Humidity in your living area can lead to poor air quality. That’s because moisture promotes the growth of mold, which can trigger a host of respiratory problems. Homes that have a moisture problem tend to have poor ventilation, so calling in an expert to work on the issue can help restore the quality of your indoor air.

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Poor indoor air quality can trigger allergies and make life at home uncomfortable. If you have been experiencing this problem, a reputable HVAC professional can help make things better.

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