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3 Reasons to Change Your Locks Regularly

Man changing the lock of the doorApart from losing your house keys, there are other reasons you should change your locks. In fact, Sail City Locksmiths, expert Auckland locksmiths, advise that you should change your locks regularly. Here are three top reasons for this opinion – keep these in mind and work only with reliable and trustworthy professionals.

First, you notice wear and tear

Locks don’t last forever, not even the best ones made from the most durable materials. Constant use will contribute to their eventual wear and tear. But don’t worry, locks don’t deteriorate quickly; so, you can schedule changing your locks every two to three years, or at the first signs or rust and other damages. One indicator that your locks are about to reach the end of their service life is when you have a hard time locking or unlocking it despite using the right key and force. Wear and tear can lead to locking jams, so make sure you check your locks and change them, if – and when – needed.

Second, a change in household help

It’s normal to give extra copies of house keys to your baby sitter, helper and even your gardener. But once they don’t work for you, it’s a good idea to change your locks, even if you asked for the spare keys back. This is just a form of added protection, on your end. After all, it’s so easy to get duplicates of keys. This is especially important if you had disagreements with the people who once worked in your home and didn’t part ways with them in a peaceful manner. The same thing can be said if you’ve just gone through a separation or a divorce.

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Third, you suspect an attempted break in

You’d be surprised how many people fail to change their locks even after experiencing an attempted break in. Some people simply install CCTV’s in hopes of catching the burglar in the act. Why wait for it to happen again, though; or for the attempt to be successful, the second time around? Change your locks before you install additional CCTV’s.

Your locks are important parts of the safety of your home so make sure they’re working at their full capacity. It is wise to check them regularly and not to put off the inevitable, should a change of locks be in order.

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