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3 Reasons to Move to Texas

Man and woman ready to move to TexasSurvey findings show that Georgetown, Texas is one of the 11 fastest-growing cities in the United States. So why are many Americans moving to the Lone Star State? Here are three possible reasons. Keep these in mind if you’re looking at homes for sale, particularly in Aransas Pass.

Come for the barbecue, stay for the barbecue

Texas-style BBQ is famous the world over. If you’re a real BBQ fan, you’ve never tasted real BBQ unless you’ve been to Texas. It’s not just bigger, it’s also tastier and your senses won’t ever let you forget it. If you’re a meat lover, make sure you come to Texas and experience for yourself why everyone’s freaking out of Texas-style BBQ.

Texas got the jobs

Do you know that the unemployment rate in Texas is lower compared to the national average? Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking for job stability, come to Texas. Speaking of high employment rates, the cost of living in Texas is also affordable. In fact, the cost of living here is lower than the national average. So they have the jobs and they have affordability, no wonder they can afford the BBQ.

Good education

Every year, thousands of students come to Texas to attend college. Texas Tech University, University of Texas, and Rice University — these are only three of the over 200 universities and colleges that call Texas home. Unlike in other states when high school students have to fight their way for a college education, many students come to Texas for good education.

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Jobs, low taxes, and the rise of micro-houses could also explain why many Americans are packing their bags and moving to Texas in the past years. Come visit Texas and see for yourself why many Americans choose to make the move and who knows, you might make the move yourself soon.

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