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3 Tips for Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Home

Kitchen and living room of a condoCongratulations! You’ve finally decided on purchasing your first Manila condo that was for sale and is now about to pay the down payment. But looking at the walls, you suddenly realized that you don’t want just any other condo unit. So you decided to paint the walls instead. But how do you pick the right paint color for your beautiful yet tiny home? Here are a few ways on how to select the right paint color for a condominium unit.

Soft grays and blues

These colors are most often considered as artistic and neutral colors perfect for a condominium unit that has limited space. You may want to combine warm gray with soft blues to create a balance that’ll give your space a more relaxing vibe. However, if you feel that it’s a bit too plain, then you can add a few bright colors to liven up the room such as a yellow vase or even brown furniture.

Choose a classic color

If you’re working a small bedroom for your children, the choosing a basic off-white color can do the trick. It’s essential to choose a timeless color so your kids won’t outgrow it. Choosing an off-white color can also help you accessorize the room by putting in a few furniture pieces that have green and other earthy tones in it.

Make a statement

Although most people would think that it’s odd, dark colors can also work well in a small space. Adding a dark color can add depth to your room and even help you achieve the ambiance that you’re trying to accomplish. You may want to choose a neutral colored sofa to ensure that your wall will stand out.

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Getting a condo unit is such an amazing feat, especially for young professionals. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right location and work with the right developer at the same time.

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