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3 Workouts Specifically Designed for Women

women exercisingLosing weight can be tough, especially with the ease with which we can get our favorite meals and comfort foods today. The need to do so, however, is truly great—especially with women. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the amount of effort and commitment you put into exercise. If you’re looking for effective Newburyport weight loss workouts for women, these are the very best that you can get today.

Cardiovascular Workout

The term “cardiovascular exercise” refers to any steady exercise that you can sustain for 20 minutes straight. This can include everything from jogging, brisk walking, to running the treadmill. Swimming, cycling, and even high impact aerobics also count. The ideal is to work up to 60 minutes a day, for up to five days a week. This is considered by many experts to be the most effective form of exercise if you’re looking for healthy weight loss.

High Intensity Interval Training

As the name implies, this is of a class of Newburyport weight loss workouts for women that can get really tough, really quick. It involves several different exercises done in quick succession over the course of around seven minutes. This kind of exercise should be done three times a week with rest days—or cardio days!—in between to make sure that your body is able to recover quickly from the workout that you put it through.

women's workoutStrength Training

For those who also want to add a little form to their weight loss regimen, strength training is the perfect option. Of these, the best is circuit training. This is designed to engage every muscle group all at once through sequential exercises without resting. This kind of exercise also provides much needed cardiovascular fitness as a bonus. Like HIIT, this should only be done three times a week with a rest day in between.

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Your best bet is to go for professional personal trainers who can tailor these workouts into a program best suited to your fitness goals and your capabilities.

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