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4 Exciting Activities to Do On Your Next Church Fun Day

Woman in a cab going to churchChurches often hold events to create a way for their community members to socialize and get to know each other. These types of gatherings promote a safe and caring environment for all members and visitors, as well as allow them to have fun and enjoy some food and activities together.
If you are in charge of organizing an event for your church, suggests that you try some of these ideas:


Some friendly competitions can make a church event more exciting. Inform your members in advance and give them a few weeks to prepare. You can arrange a singing contest or even a cooking challenge and encourage people to showcase their talent. Successful church event organizers in the country agree that holding contests is an amazing way to engage church members in any event.

Classic Outdoor Games

Mini sports tournaments, such as badminton, basketball, and volleyball are great activities for active members. You might also want to set up some carnival-type games for everyone to play. These will help develop fellowship and create a stronger bond among the members.


Kids love camping and doing adventures together. This is a good opportunity for families to bond. Camping allows parents to spend quality time with their kids while also getting to know other parents from the church.

Arrange a Musical

If you have a huge venue, arrange a theater act or a musical. This is ideal, especially during the Easter and Christmas season, as it allows for a more festive atmosphere. Recruit some of your members to be part of the act and encourage everyone to do their best. Hand out tickets for everyone or go to an event registration website to invite viewers.

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These activities help break the ice and promote a friendly atmosphere for church members. Try some of these on your next church fun day and you can expect a great and successful event.

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