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4 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas for Rooftop Gardens

A rooftop garden in an urban setting Landscaping a rooftop is certainly not as easy as building a garden on the ground. But in New York City, where there isn’t enough yard space to work with even for hotels and restaurants, the next best thing is building a rooftop garden.

Sounds impossible? With the right people, it isn’t.

If you are thinking of installing a garden at the top of your building for your guests to enjoy, consider hiring a landscape architecture firm in New York. There are plenty of considerations to think about, such as the weight of the materials, wind conditions, and building codes pertaining to rooftop structures. The landscape firm can help with these.

Planning a rooftop garden for your establishment might seem like hard work, but it’s also fun. If you’re still looking for inspiration, here are some ideas:

1. Harness the Views

The city of New York requires all building rooftops to have safety handrails of at least 42 inches in height on all sides. That could impact the view for your guests. To keep them safe and yet still offer a grand view, use thick, transparent glass around the perimeters.

2. Choose Your Greenery Wisely

Building codes restrict rooftop gardens to have plants that are no more than 6 feet in full height. Don’t think this limits your options, though. Choose low plants that don’t require deep soil, such as dwarf bamboo, fleabane, and Mexican feather grass.

3. Use Mirrors

Having a large expanse of glass mirrors allows you to stake your claim on the surrounding view of skyscrapers. Not only do they add a point of interest, the physical barriers also create separate zones in your rooftop garden.

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4. Create a Signature Element

Whatever you choose depends on what you want to offer to your guests. You can install a hot tub for guests to relax in as they take in the city skyline. Living and dining areas are good additions too. Or you can have a bar and a dance floor where guests can hold their parties.

With research and good planning, you can significantly upgrade the appeal of your building and create better experiences for your guests.

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