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4 Tips to Prepare For an Incoming Storm

Lightning flashes during a stormy nightStorms are among the worst natural disasters that your family may go through. Not only will there be a risk of floods, strong winds and lightning can damage even the strongest houses and leave you stranded for days.

To prepare for this eventuality, you may consider the following tips.

Keep an emergency bag just in case

Preparing an emergency bag is a good step in preparing for a storm. Battery Clerk suggests that you prioritise having a first aid kit, flashlights, and emergency battery lights. If possible, bring in a portable stove so you can cook should you be stranded in your area longer than you expected.

Have enough supplies

In case of natural disasters, food and water are among your biggest weapons against whatever it is that would happen. Stock multiple bottles of water in your supply bag and put in some food. Just make sure that there are no perishables, or if there’s any, consume them first.

Know the evacuation routes you can take

Evacuations are common during floods, so you must know the safest routes that you can take to the evacuation sites. Authorities provide storm warnings and advise evacuation whenever the situation looks bad, so follow their instructions and proceed to the safe zone immediately.

Install storm shutters

If you want to minimise the damage the storm will do to your home, you may consider installing storm shutters to protect your windows. This is ideal if your windows are made from glass.

With these tips, you and your family will be able to prepare for any calamity. Even when you will have no contact with other people for at least a day, you can be sure that you will be able to survive until everything comes back to normal.

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