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4 Ways To Impress Your Guests With Food Presentation

macaroons plating by a chefEvery chef or culinary professional would agree that food presentation matters. A well-prepared dish would let diners “eat with their eyes” before they’ve even tasted the actual meal. Beautiful food and drink presentations can, therefore, leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Here are more tips when it comes to the plating of your dishes and serving of drinks.

Put Drinks In Beverage Dispensers

In a social gathering, thirsty guests will either ask for glasses of water or be led to the drink station. Use a beverage dispenser styled with glass so that the juice inside will be transparent. Drop fruit slices within and let it swim or float with the juice. This can give that impression that the juice is freshly made.

Arrange Slices Properly

When you’re serving main courses like meat or desserts like fruits and pastries, make sure to arrange these slices or pieces properly. Guests might get turned off by food that is carelessly prepared. Arranging those lamb chops or apple slices will let them know that you pay attention to plating.

Line Them Up Accordingly

The dishes served should be lined up according to how you would eat a proper meal. For example, appetisers should be at the start of the table. Next, would be the main dishes with the soups, and last should be the desserts. The beverage station could be put elsewhere for those who just need a drink. Leave some space between these parts of a meal so that your guests won’t overcrowd.

You have many ways to present your dishes. However, you should keep it simple and not make it look overdecorated or overcomplicated. As long as you heed these tips and make it effortless, your guests will surely be impressed.

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