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4 Ways to Keep the Trees in Your Backyard Healthy

BackyardNot many people care about the health of trees. Perhaps, they’re thinking that trees only need to be taken care of during their younger years. However, this is not the case. As a matter of fact, trees need even more care as they grow older. If you want to protect the trees that add shade and beauty to your home, here are some tips you can follow to ensure their health:

Remove stumps

Tree stumps attract pests that could bring diseases, which could spread to the nearby trees. While you can remove the stumps on your own using a power tool, it is safer to let professionals, such as the arborists from Tree Fellers, to do the stump grinding in Tauranga.

Do not stake unless absolutely necessary

Most tree growers stake to promote root and trunk growth. When not done properly, however, it can be a disaster and result in the tree growing taller, but not wider.

Avoid parking near the tree

Parking your car near the tree may seem like it doesn’t do anything harmful to the tree, but it actually does. When you park near the tree—no matter what type of vehicle it is—, the soil around the tree can become compacted. This could affect the health of the tree and result in its slow death.

Mulch at the base of the tree

For those who are new to tree care, mulch is a material that you can put around the tree to enrich the soil. Mulch could be decaying leaves or compost. Make sure that the mulch is around four inches thick and extends up to three feet from the base of the tree. Not only will it nourish the soil, but it can also stop weeds from growing and moisture from evaporating. Do the mulching at least once every six months.

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At the end of the day, the tree’s health will depend on how it is taken care of. So, if you want to keep having a gorgeous shade in your backyard, make sure you do a proper tree care and maintenance.

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