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4 Ways to Make Your Out-of-Town Wedding Hassle-Free for Guests

Beach wedding setupOut-of-town weddings are usually more intimate and extra special. Guests are also given a chance to break away from the daily grind and just be in a celebratory mood. To make sure that everyone, including you, of course, has a hassle-free and good time, you need to have a checklist.

Transportation and accommodation

If you only have a few guests, why not hire coaches in Sydney to bring them all to the venue? This will also allow them to bond together and have fun. In terms of accommodation, while it is not your responsibility to pay for it, make sure that you give your guests options—from B&Bs to 5-star hotels.

Welcome basket

Take note of where your guests are staying and leave welcome baskets to their respective hotels. The welcome baskets may include thoughtful care package, refreshments, and even information on what they can do and see around town.

Special gathering before the big day

Gather your guests prior the wedding day for a special dinner, cocktails, or even breakfast. If you want to make it more memorable, you can also opt to do a brunch picnic or bonfire and beers. The wedding day and party will be all about you as a couple, so it is nice to have another celebration to honour the people who are valuable to you.

Communication with guests

Make sure that your wedding coordinator has the means to reach out to your wedding guests for reminders and special announcements. Also, provide your guests with all the emergency hotlines in that town.

Having an out-of-town wedding is much more exciting not only to you but also to your guests. It is a way for all the important people in your life to gather and join in the celebration of your marriage. However, careful and early planning is crucial to make it successful.

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