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7 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2017

technologyThe earning momentum for technology stocks has been phenomenal in the past years. FactSet Earnings Insight reported that 87% of tech stocks topped earnings per share targets and 69% topped revenue targets in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Stock Market London says we need to keep an eye on some of the biggest players on the market today. Let’s see what tech stocks might have in store for us this year.


iPhone’s big tenth anniversary is near! While tax reform may promise billions in cash back to Apple’s shareholders, everyone has their eye on the iPhone. Will the iPhone 8 bring back the big upgrade glory lacking in recent years’ launches at the touch of a screen?


With the departure of top executives including COO Adam Baine and 9% of the workforce as of December, the revolving door at Twitter is creating a maelstrom of uncertainty. But one thing remains constant: its power is in its users.

Twitter is probably one of the most honest social networks in the world. How it influenced the 2016 U.S, election and how social movements rose on the platform are evidence of its true value.


In 2016 and after two decades, Microsoft finally overtook its peak in the dot-com era and outperformed Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Will its new acquisition, LinkedIn, take it further? Exactly what kind of future did it see in that US$26 billion deal?


There is no stopping Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to connecting the people of the world. Space is the limit for him despite the sub-Saharan satellite blow-up on Space-X. Facebook, like most of the big boys in the Silicon Valley, is at forefront of artificial intelligence.

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Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ head is equally in the stars. Initially classified as a space tourism project, Blue Origin is now developing a reusable orbital rocket that is expected to launch before 2020.


With artificial intelligence written all over its chips, NVIDIA leapt more than 200% to become the S&P 500’s best performing stock in 2016. More importantly, perhaps, this achievement underscores the keyword in 2017 – A.I.


The No. 64 on Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful People list, Travis Kalanick continues to be the driver of the company, promising the single-minded direction towards anything and everything transportation. Will the hire of a new partner COO slow down the drive?

The fact that a technology company such as Facebook Inc. can promise an over 50% surge in ad revenue is good evidence that stocks in the technology sector are the ones to watch. Tech stocks do stand out in terms of expanding earnings and sales.

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