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A Common, Yet Often Overlooked Cause of Garage Door Problems

Man fixing the garage doorGarage doors have evolved so much over the years that they now play major roles in the lives of many homes and car owners. From keeping cars safe to serving as additional home security features, many people can no longer imagine life without them.

As such, it’s understandable when you start to worry because the garage door doesn’t want to open or close. There’s no need to panic right away, as it may be just a simple issue with the power. In fact, many cases of garage door not opening or closing result from transmitters not having any supply of power.

O’Brien Garage Doors reminds property owners of the importance of determining the cause of the problem and knowing when to call Montgomery County garage door repair specialists.

Dead Batteries = No Power

All garage door transmitters require a source of power to function. For most transmitters, this means working batteries. With low-on-power or dead batteries, you can expect the transmitter to fail in sending a signal to the garage door, which then results in the door not opening or closing.

Figuring out which part needs battery replacement

Two devices in your garage door system communicate with each other: the wall transmitter and the car transmitter. Both run on a power supply, so when the door doesn’t open (or close), either one or both may have an issue with the power source.

To determine whether the wall transmitter has run out of batteries, press the open button to see if this will do the trick. If it does, then it’s possible that your car transmitter batteries are to blame. In this case, you may just need new batteries. In case, you have an extra car transmitter, replace the batteries in that as well, especially if you had it installed the same time. Once you place the batteries correctly, try opening the garage door again.

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If the troubleshooting techniques above don’t resolve the problem, it means that something else is causing it. It’s time to call the professionals and have your garage door fixed immediately.

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