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A Model Metropolis: The Beauty of Singapore Living

Marina Bay at SingaporeSingapore has always been a model of how a metropolitan area should look. It has a state-of-the-art transportation system, impressive infrastructure, clean and safe streets and it is easily accessible to the rest of the globe.

Despite its humble size, the nation offers much in the way of opportunities, both to locals and foreigners. Here are some reasons why Singapore is a great model for any metropolitan region.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

Singapore has recently beaten Tokyo as the best Asian city, mostly because of its quality infrastructure. This includes the ample supply of electricity, clean drinking water as well as reliable telephone services. The city-state consistently adopts smart solutions to balance economic activity with sustainability.

Future apartments and condominiums in Paya Lebar, for instance, have amenities nearby that not only serve the catchment of residents within the precinct but also workers during office hours, acting as a gathering place where residents and visitors are able to connect with one another.

Rich Cultural Heritage

People of all walks of life live and work in Singapore, and the country has successfully set itself up as a cultural hub. Historic areas like Chinatown, Little India and Paya Lebar are planned conservations as part of the country’s urban planning and development efforts to add variety to the urban environment, stimulate visual interest and excitement within the city state. In fact, the country’s rich cultural heritage manifests itself in every aspect of daily life, from its infrastructure designs to its food and language.

An Expat-Friendly Place

Singapore is not only home to locals; it remains a magnet for foreigners on the hunt for jobs, especially in the marketing, IT and finance sectors. English is also widely used in Singapore as an official language, making it easy for expats to live here. The clean streets and overall peace in the country are also an additional benefit for foreigners who want to raise their family in a nice, safe area.

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A year-on-year rise in expat workforce numbers reported by the country’s Ministry of Manpower is a strong indication of this favourability.

Whether it’s multinational companies looking to set up base offshore, or professionals looking to build their career in Asia, Singapore is truly a standout city. Its unique ability to blend quality infrastructure and rich cultural heritage attracts people to visit and ultimately convinces them to stay.

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