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About Us

Start with a Seed values ingenuity and creativity in the economic setting. We want to feed our readers with information that embodies our core pillars for entrepreneurship:

  • Ideas that drive innovation
  • Purpose that motivates positive change
  • Productivity that encourages involvement

We value the needs and priorities of our readers, which is why we only share vital information that will leave you with more ideas than questions.

At SWaS, we are an agent of positive business competition and ecosystem. We understand how the 21st century has changed the economic battleground and turned into a collaborating space, where all businesses now find connections and similarities to each industry and company. This is why we accept all information and insights with open arms.


As a nurturing community, we want to be your source of friendly and easily understandable information that you can benefit from—be it your business or your personal growth and improvement.

Our goals are the following:

  • Create a space for businesses to thrive
  • Equip our readers with important knowledge that can shape their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Build strong bonds with our readers and
  • Nurture and build a community devoted to starting strong and lasting even longer and stronger

We know how hard it is to run, start, end and launch a business. With our ever-growing collection of data and important information, learning and improving your knowledge is important to keep your business thriving and alive.