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After a Flood: Drying Out a Wet House

a flooded kitchenWhen a house is invaded by flooding, cleaning and drying are done to make the space safe and habitable again. Drying a property is of utmost importance to remove extra moisture and to prevent mold growth. This is done after the removal of standing water and is accomplished using different methods and equipment.

Basic Drying Methods

Restoration companies in Long Island noted that using fans to circulate the air and dehumidifiers to remove moisture are the most basic drying methods. The latter equipment is necessary if you have hardwood floors, especially in drawing out the moisture out of a saturated material. Windows and doors should be kept closed when using a dehumidifier, but they should be opened when using fans.

Heating and Cooling

The use of a heating system can also dry a wet house, along with an AC. Closing all the windows and doors, while running the AC can cool down the house and make the air dry. When this happens, you’ll need to turn off the AC and turn on the heat. You will then have to turn off the heat when the temperature reaches 80F or more and turn the AC back on. You need to repeat the process until your home is dry.

Why Call Experts

While you can do the cleaning and drying on your own, it is best to call a restoration company for best results. This is especially true if the water damage is extensive. It is good to know that water damage technicians use professional fans, sub floor drying devices, and dehumidifiers to dry the area efficiently. They will also use special techniques to prevent mold and disinfect affected areas.

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The cleaning and the drying process can take several days, depending on the severity of water damage. There are also instances where it may be necessary to cut out certain parts of the floor, walls, or ceiling to assess the dryness of the surface or area. With extensive flooding and damage, the drying process may be inconvenient, but keep in mind that this is important to make your home safe.

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