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All-Business Marketing Strategies Family Lawyers Should Try

Marketing StrategiesFamily lawyers, being handlers of divorce cases, estate planning and the like, have a larger market than other practices. There are a few changes in the landscape, but overall, family law attorneys should get business on a regular basis.

Speaking of business, it’s one thing that lawyers should embrace. Firms are private practices where it should fund itself. Therefore, earning money is a big part of law practice. What is potentially dangerous is denying that it’s a part of the job.

Most lawyers are self-confessed traditionalists. They’re not averse to changes, but unless it’s industry-wide, it’s hard to see one innovate individually. Take marketing, for one. Ads seem a crass way of informing the public of your services, given that it’s all about plastering one’s face on a broadsheet or flyers. Most lawyers see this as unfashionable in such a polished line of work.

SEO: Sophisticated Marketing

Taking its capabilities, search engine optimization is indeed sophisticated in marketing services. Many law practitioners are getting to know link building, pay-per-click, Google ranking and industry-specific words in SEO. Family lawyers should take note considering the scale of their potential market.

Adapting All-Business Marketing Ideas

SEO will involve a fair bit of marketing, and lawyers would be wise to accept that fact. It’s never a good thing being left behind, but it’s character building sticking to old values. To retain balance between the two aspects, consider integrating these all-business ideas:

  • Build on current community
    • Firms owe their success to current clients, who actually pay for their services. Serving them better has countless benefits for the practice, even if not financially.
  • Develop connections
    • Meaningful connections to a few people are better than making shallow friendships with many. They can say all the good things to potential clients, maybe even convince them.
  • Use some infographics
    • In using infographics, use official stats or use something from certified sources. It helps cater to clients with modern tastes.
  • Ads must be inspired at the least, ingenious at most
    • Simply listing areas of practice and bragging about awards won’t attract clients. Hire professionals who can come up with innovative ideas for legal ads.
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Lawyers who decide to “go with the flow” reap the benefits of being tech savvy. It doesn’t take away the hard values of being a legal practitioner, nor is it crude. It’s simply the way of the times.

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