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    Industry Leaders

    Plumbing is Forever: Why (Near) Perfection is Required in Designing a Plumbing System

    From top to bottom, there are so many things you can change within a structure. The walls, windows, HVAC system, the elevator even. Retrofitting is the way if you’re going to bring an old building to this century, but there are certain aspects that you shouldn’t or simply cannot touch. The framing, for example, is pretty […]

    On the Radar

    Different-Coloured Absorbent Have Different Functions

    If your work involves chemical exposure and risks, having a spill kit in your work area is a must. Alternatively, a spill kit would also come in handy at home, especially if you like working on DIY projects that involve hazardous materials such as garden chemicals and pesticides. Either way, the idea of a spill […]

    Inside Business

    The Basic Cs of Dealing with Your Company’s Network Downtime

    If your company relies heavily on online interactions and services, network downtime spells major losses. Whether you’re a BPO or a web shop, cutting off your online customers can spell bad reviews — or even unmitigated losses. Here are the basic Cs on dealing with downtime: Check New Products – As a rule, testing new products […]

    On the Radar

    Party Favorites: Did Someone Say Pizza?

    Universal Love for Pizza

    Pizza has always been the staple food when it comes to gatherings. Whenever you need to feed a group of people, pizza almost always the easiest choice. Not only because it is easy to eat and plenty in servings but also it is because no one will object. Everyone loves a slice of pizza which […]

    Global Trends

    How to Design Your Own Skateboard Park

    Skateboard Park

    A skate park in your own backyard is probably one of the coolest things a skater has ever dreamed of. An expert from OC Ramps notes that it’s not actually that difficult to create your own skateboard park design and put it up at the back of your house. You will need to do a […]

    Economy Hub

    3 Reasons Why You Need to Have Employee Background Checks

    Customers are the lifeline of your business. Without your customers, your business won’t survive. But in order to get customers and achieve high customer satisfaction, you need good employees. Hiring the right people for the right job is not as easy as it looks. Apart from the interviews, background checks are essential in the application […]

    Industry Leaders

    VR, Photography, and Microinteractions: Trends in Web Design

    Trends evolve all the time, and there is no assurance that one can stay relevant enough to carry over the next year. All industries have trends to follow because these are surefire ways to get the consumer’s attention, including web design. If your company is deciding on redesigning your website, make sure that you hire […]

    Inside Business

    Shelving Solutions for Your Warehouse: The Basics

    Using the right warehouse shelves isn’t just about having a place for storing products. Combined with the proper warehouse layout and an effective process, the right shelving solutions maximise efficiency, generate productivity and boost your profits. On the other hand, a cluttered, disorganised warehouse is a nightmare for any manager. Products get lost, employee safety […]

    Inside Business

    Questions to Ask a PR Company Before Hiring Them

    Hiring the Right PR Team

    It doesn’t matter if your campaign is excellent if nobody knows about it. All your efforts will be in vain if you fail to let people know that you launched a new product or service. This is where a public relations (PR) company comes in. Hiring a vendor means added cost so you need to […]

    Industry Leaders

    Planning on Being a Food Caterer?

    These days, well-known caterers provide a wide range of services besides serving food for private social and corporate events. It will depend on the type of function or celebration for catering companies because some even help with the planning and decorations. Any company who wants to be in the food service industry does not only […]