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    Algomi and Euronext: Algomi Investment Success Story

    Recently Euronext has been undergoing somewhat of an acquisition spree, trying to diversify to avoid market turbulence in today’s financial world. Euronext’s acquisitions haven’t been random at all, they aim to put money in places that could directly affect their business, doubling their investment. For example, Euronext’s partnership with UK-based financial technology company Algomi. Investment […]

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    3 Ways to Improve Your Catering Business

    Improving your catering business doesn’t have to be too complicated. There are many simple ways wherein you not only expand your business, but also generate more leads and take care of loyal clients. Here are some suggestions on how you can boost your catering business this year. Upgrade your catering equipment Customers are always looking […]

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    Caring for Your Pet Bird

    Birds are increasingly becoming a popular choice for pets. Like dogs, most bird species can be loyal pets.  Many species enjoy bonding with humans and can become life-long companions. Popular pet birds like cocktails can live up to 35 years, while African grey parrots and macaws have lifespans of 40 to 60 years. With proper […]

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    How Coworking Revolutionises Office Space

    An office space franchise like provides businesses functional and flexible workspaces that they can share with other companies. These shared spaces are called coworking spaces, and they are quickly gaining popularity among startup firms and digital nomads. Here are some ways coworking can benefit your business: Low Costs Coworking spaces allow freelancers and startup […]

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    Entering the Vail Real Estate Market: Things to Consider

    Entering the real estate market seems straightforward. If you have the financial capacity, all you have to do is sign the papers, right? Well, some aspects need consideration before you finalize anything. If you are looking for properties in areas such as Vail, which gather a huge amount of visitors during snow season, you need […]

    Market Watch

    A Checklist on How to Prepare for Purchasing a House

    We all yearn to own a home wherein we can bring up our families or retire. We direct all efforts and savings to this worthy accomplishment. The social status and comfort of owning a house are top priorities. However, purchasing a home has many challenges. One needs to prepare in several ways to make the […]

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    Best Wines in Margaret River for Pairing with Seafood

    From tender salmon to fresh oysters, nothing goes better with seafood than a pair of exquisite wine. The perfect pairing of wine and seafood can be a bit tricky to achieve, such that there are experts whose speciality is finding the perfect wine-seafood match. If you are looking to round wineries in Margaret River to […]

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    How to Budget Your Mortgage and Other Housing Costs

    Many people who are interested in buying a house prioritize their search for a property instead of knowing the state of their finances and knowing how much mortgage they can afford. They end up pining for properties they will have difficulty buying or paying off. With a big mortgage on their shoulders, they have difficulty […]

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    How to Make Your e-Commerce Site Successful Over Time

    One of the most valuable industries in the world today is e-commerce. Experts are expecting it to go past $2 trillion in sales a few years from 2017. It takes some time before your website can turn a profit, but as in any other industry, hard work, investment, and a readiness to follow the trends, […]

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    Factors to Consider in Selecting a Hospitality Supplies Company

    As the global economy adjusts to cope with various scenarios that occur almost regularly, the effects are felt even in the hospitality industry. Disruptive forces such as the emerging business model spearheaded by new entrants like Airbnb are fast changing the management styles and in the hospitality industry. Some of the trends seen in contemporary […]