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Start with a Seed

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    A Newbie’s Guide to Flood Control

    There is no controlling the wrath of Mother Nature. When Mother Nature decides to give her full force, people can only watch in a combination of awe and horror and brace for the impact. People are only capable of preparing for the worst to protect their loved ones and protect their hard-earned properties. When it […]

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    Is It a Really Big Risk to Invest in Real Estate Overseas?

    Real estate is a local market and experienced investors know that what works for one area will not necessarily apply in another. So why take the risk? The answer is easy: with the risk comes the potential for profit. Do Your Research Investing overseas is a leap of faith. You need to have a good […]

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    Feeling Stuck? It Might Be Time to Move

    stressed woman

    There comes a point in your life when you stop and think about the progress you’re making. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like there’s not much opportunity for advancement in your current company? It’s time to change things that don’t make you happy. To be proud of the life you lead, make these […]

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    Love Making Someone Else’s Day? Here’s an Option for Working from Home

    The industry of special events has seen a boom in recent years. Why wouldn’t it, when paying an events planner usually means you can spend your time enjoying the celebration instead of getting stressed? What it entails Events run the gamut of everything from birth to death. You can choose to handle all of them […]

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    3 Reasons Business Intelligence Matters

    man pressing business intelligence

    Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. That’s applicable in all fields and areas of life, especially in the hectic, fast-paced, and constantly evolving world of business. Business intelligence is all about acquiring the knowledge you need as they affect your business and its decisions. From understanding minimum advertised pricing policy to deciphering consumer behavior, industry experts […]


    Start an IT Support Franchise Even If You Lack the Technical Skills

    Teacher providing instructions to students

    There are many possible franchise startups for budding entrepreneurs. Among the prominent franchises are those for IT, in various forms. However, there are several hindrances to starting one, which discourage many business-minded people. One obstacle is the cost of training for an IT support franchise. Related to the training cost, there’s also a shortage of qualified technical […]


    4 Ways To Impress Your Guests With Food Presentation

    Every chef or culinary professional would agree that food presentation matters. A well-prepared dish would let diners “eat with their eyes” before they’ve even tasted the actual meal. Beautiful food and drink presentations can, therefore, leave a lasting impression on your guests. Here are more tips when it comes to the plating of your dishes […]


    How to Find the Right Type of Job for Your Skill Set

    Whether you are a first-time employee or are looking for a career switch, deciding which job to choose and what industry to pursue can be quite confusing. There are hundreds of professions you could choose from, but not every single one will fit your skill set. Follow these tips from to make sure that […]