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    Economy Hub

    3 Job Hunting Tactics That Will Get You Hired in Days

    Many job seekers adopt the passive and reactive job hunting approach, which means they scan newspapers and websites and then apply for advertised jobs. Since this approach attracts a lot of competition, it hardly bears fruit for the majority of applicants. If you hope to land a job quickly, you are better off adopting the […]

    Inside Business

    Preparing to Move into Your First Office

    Every business starts small. Your company may have started as a small office in your loft or your small cabin space in your garden. However, as the business grows, you will have to consider moving to an established business office downtown or anywhere where your business can be profitable. The following are checklists of things […]

    Inside Business

    3 Practical Tips for Easy and Breezy Holiday Returns

    Holiday shopping is both exciting and frustrating because it’s typically rushed. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when January rolls around, some of your holiday sales get returned to your store. Holiday returns have likewise increased these past years because of the rise of pre-holiday sales, in which retailers offer huge discounts to […]

    Inside Business

    Smart Human Capital Management (HCM): How You Can Engage Multi-generational Employees

    Most work environments these days find themselves surrounded by five generations working side-by-side. This includes traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials or Generation Y, and Generation Z. Human resource companies in the Philippines can make the most of smart human capital management (HCM) to form compelling office atmospheres. This will make the workforce feel that they’re treated […]

    Industry Leaders

    Why You Need to Consult Civil Engineers

    An engineer at a construction site

    At some point in your life, you may face the challenge of buying a house, establishing an office, or improving your immediate environment. All of these are manageable when you contact a professional who could help you complete all your design and engineering projects. A civil engineering service New Orleans, Louisiana like ILSI Engineering explains […]

    On the Radar

    That Vintage Look is the New Modern

    When photographers captured Bella Hadid strutting around New York in bell bottoms, it became official: this vintage style is back with a vengeance. After all, it has already matched the taste of a supermodel. Indeed, the saying “Out with the old and in with the new” doesn’t hold true when it comes to vintage style […]

    Economy Hub

    How Office Designing Can Impact Employee Performance

    Studies show that a well-designed office space can affect employee performance in a positive way. Here are two excellent reasons you should consider designing your office and make it a place where people can work efficiently and in style. A lively workplace increases motivation Gone are the days when workspaces are mere cubicles with basic […]

    Inside Business

    Nail Your First Job Interview with These 3 Tips

    School’s over, and now you’re ready to take on your first job. The first thing you need to do is to search for job vacancies here in Auckland through a recruitment agency so you’ll have bigger chances of getting the job you’ve always wanted. The second step is the more challenging aspect, and that is passing […]

    On the Radar

    Benefits of Adding Fiber-Rich Meals in Your Diet

    New research shows that fiber is critical for active women, as it helps them work out longer and harder. Sarah Romotsky R.D.N. of the International Food Information Council Foundation explains that fiber slows the absorption of food, so you can get steady energy that lasts. Once you’ve enrolled in your trusted Andover fitness studio for […]

    Industry Leaders

    How to be an Impressive Businessman

    Making a good first impression is crucial if you want to succeed as a businessman. Your job may entail meeting a lot of clients and potential partners. What they think of you will significantly affect the decisions that they make, especially if you’re trying to make a deal. You only get one shot to make […]