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Breaking News: Maintaining Your Social Media Profile

Social Media How should your business react to bad events?

To start with, prioritise your consumers’ emotions. While people may not expect companies to halt business and sympathise with those affected by events, they will appreciate the gesture. And in this digital age, sympathy is typically conveyed on social media.

How will your brand handle delicate situations through your social media marketing strategies?

Practise care with your words.

If your brand posts quirky and cheeky tweets, this is the time to take extra care. Because one wrongly worded tweet or post could cost you your customers. Make sure that you run a post through your entire team for feedback. Gauge their reactions and if one suggests the possibility for insensitivity, then reword your tweet.

Pause your social media for a certain period.

You might be thinking that the purpose of keeping a social media profile is to make your online presence known. This is not always the case. In the midst of a bad event, it’s common to manually remove all scheduled posts and remain ‘silent’ on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be answering your customers. Certainly, you can reply to enquiries, but do so directly while maintaining a ‘silent’ social media page.

Follow your social media policies — or develop one.

Every brand has its own set of rules on how to deliver an appropriate response to news events. Your policies should align with your brand. You can rely on expertise, if you’re uncertain about how to create your social media policies.

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While businesses don’t need to provide comfort, your sympathy can provide relief and can show a softer side to your brand.

Bad events can strike at any time. In the wake of an incident, put a pause on promoting your products or services. If you decide to respond to the event, do so with the appropriate tone. And proceed with caution.


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