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Brief Guide on Ensuring Health and Safety at Work

doctorWorkplace accidents could occur regardless of the type of industry. Company owners, along with the human resource department, should implement steps to ensure health and safety in the workplace.

Below is a summary of what you can do as a company or as a worker to avoid accidents and health risks during work hours.

Declutter and Organize Supplies

Clutter creates obstacles in the workplace, which could lead to slip, trip, and fall. Organize supplies and store them properly. Label containers and compartments for proper information. When stacking objects, make sure to place heavy ones at the bottom while the lightest ones on top.

Report Health and Safety Threats

You must report anything that could put an employee’s health or safety at risk immediately to the HR department. This includes spills and slippery floors to broken machinery. The people in charge would be able to address these problems immediately when you inform them right away.

Fire Prevention

In addition to completing seminars, workers should also store and handle flammable and combustible materials properly, and report electrical problems and gas leaks. Clear passageways, and place fire and safety signs where needed. You can get these signs from firms such as Clarion Safety Systems.

Also, there should be sprinklers and fire extinguishers ready in the workplace.

Attend Seminars and Training

Workers must be properly informed of the health and safety risks in the workplace. This does not only include wearing proper gear and correct handling of equipment but also information in case of fire and earthquake and first aid. Companies should schedule periodic training and seminars.

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Proper Waste Management

Practice appropriate waste management. Companies should adhere to OSHA’s Hazardous Materials Standard (1910.106), which mandates combustible waste to be stored in covered metal containers and regularly disposed of. Companies should also get rid of infectious waste regularly.

Did you know that there were 4,000 deaths in the workplace in the US in 2015? Then it increased to 5,190 fatalities in 2016, according to OSHA. Those workers did not deserve to be part of that painful statistics. No one else does. Everyone, both the workers and company owners, should work together to ensure health and safety in the workplace.

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