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Can’t You See I’m Leasing? How to Better Manage Your Rental Property

properties for rentIt’s a challenging job to be a landlord or landlady. Leasing or renting out properties would require decisiveness because you have to give a firm yes or no when it comes to accepting tenants or evicting delinquent ones.

You also need to keep close attention to the house in case it needs repairs or improvement. This is why rental property management services from agencies such as Bergan & Company exist — to help you with your business. Here’s a closer look at how it works.

Preparing the Home for Rent

Rental property management normally starts with experts inspecting the home if it needs any paint jobs, repairs or updating of pipes and wires. Doing so will make sure it’s livable for future tenants.

Screening Potential Tenants

Once you put up ads that your property is for rent, leasing agents from your property management partner will then handle tenants who inquire about the space. They will run a background check on income, credit or criminal history to make sure the tenant is capable of committing long-term.

Collecting Payments

Rental property management can also take care of collecting rents and deposits every month or on the agreed date of payment. The payments will then be transferred to you, and statements will be ready.

Overseeing Maintenance

When a pipe gets clogged or electrical wiring needs immediate fixing, the management can be the one to find trained professionals to fix these and cater to other maintenance needs.

Handling Evictions

In case tenants should get evicted due to breaching the contract, the rental property management firm can handle the eviction and even represent you in court if needed.

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Handling properties for rent is a serious business that requires your full attention. In case you have other tasks to juggle, a rental property management company can help you with rent matters. They make the entire leasing process easier for you and your tenants.

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