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London Travel Guide: 3 Must-See Attractions in the Heart of the UK

Big ben by the river

Going to London is every traveller’s dream. Being the capital city of the UK, it has several must-see attractions every tourist must visit. To make the most of your experience, you can check out cheap hostels in London for your accommodation. Here are the three beautiful places in London you cannot miss seeing. 1. Coca-Cola London Eye The London […]

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To Buy or Not Buy Mortgage Points

Agent holding pen and document

The best way to describe mortgage points, also commonly called discount points, is to think of it in terms of prepaid interest. When you purchase mortgage points, you are essentially paying your way to a reduced interest rate, such that for every single point you are buying, you might lower your interest rate by 0.25%. […]

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Types of Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Bank Sign on Branch Facade

An average savings account may give you a measly 0.05% interest. In fact, some banks go as low as 0.01%. Of course, this is only something to get excited about if you save large amounts of money. However, through a certificate of deposit, you can be able to earn better savings interest and keep your […]

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Why Bookkeeping for Trucks Will be More Important in 2018

A closeup of a pen and an accounting document

If you have been thinking about how to manage your financial records for truckers, a bookkeeping service from companies like Equinox Business Solutions will only be more necessary now that freight costs are increasing in the U.S. Trucking companies in the country currently struggle to fill vacancies for drivers. This shortage of drivers not only push […]

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Simple Things Your Business Can Do for Corporate Social Responsibility

hands holding a growing tree on gold coins

  Every business has a purpose. The offerings, whether they are an advanced type of consumer electronics or flawless services, are the core of the business. These are what give your enterprise some sense of purpose; after all, yours will not exist if that is not designed to help people. But you can always extend […]

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Types of Bird Houses for Various Categories of Birds.

When you are interested in a particular breed or species of birds, then you need to purchase or construct a birdhouse specific to that species. For instance, robins prefer nesting on roofless platforms while purple martins love nesting in colonies. A majority of birdhouses come in a rectangle or square shapes, featuring an entrance hole. […]

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How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Groom and bride at an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding can be a great alternative to a church wedding, especially if you want to go with a rustic, country, or nature theme. You will need to prepare more than an indoor wedding, however, given all the factors you need to consider at an outdoor event. To help you out with your planning, […]

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How to Find the Best People for Your Company

When it comes to maintaining a solid workforce, two things can prove to be a challenge for business owners, hiring the right employee and keeping them. Since employees are among your most valuable assets, how do you start searching for the right people? Determine the type of employee that you need List the skills, expertise, […]

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Debunking Top 4 Myths About Using Gift Money for Mortgage

Woman counting coins

In Texas, you can use gift money to buy a home for sale in Rockport, Aransas Pass, or Corpus Christi. It can increase your purchase power, allowing you to obtain a more favorable interest rate, build equity fast, and avoid paying private mortgage insurance. Then again, as and other experts noted, many fail to use it […]

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Taking a Piece of the Wellness Market Share Through Spa Ownership

Woman having facial massage

The “wellness” phenomenon is stacking up dollars globally. In 2015, the industry was worth US$3.7 trillion, according to the latest Global Wellness Economy Monitor from the Global Wellness Institute. For those who want a piece of the pie, owning a spa franchise is proving to be a promising feat. The Wellbeing Sector Wellbeing is concerned with health, something […]