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Global Trends

How To Fight Stress In The 21st Century

Woman Meditating At Home

Two of the most common reasons for stress are work and finances. According to research, employees get stressed from their workload and poor working relationships. Many feel that they need help managing and alleviating stress since all these are part of their everyday lives. Here are a few tried and tested ways that can help […]

Global Trends

How Waste Management Can Save the Future

We do not own Earth, so we should take care of it for future generations. We need to make sure that everything we do is sustainable, including waste disposal. Yearly, countries produce tonnes and tonnes of waste. They need to have a proper waste disposal and recycling to ensure that waste materials are properly collected. […]

Global Trends

A Model Metropolis: The Beauty of Singapore Living

Singapore has always been a model of how a metropolitan area should look. It has a state-of-the-art transportation system, impressive infrastructure, clean and safe streets and it is easily accessible to the rest of the globe. Despite its humble size, the nation offers much in the way of opportunities, both to locals and foreigners. Here […]

Global Trends

Charter Buses: What to Consider for Your Outing

Going on a company outing is always fun. Everyone is often looking forward to the opportunity to socialise and chat up other people at work. However, if you get stuck in the middle of the road with a dysfunctional bus, your day will be ruined. For you to avoid such a tricky situation, shy away […]

Global Trends

From “Rapunzel Mom” to Kim K: Ultra-Long Locks are Trending

Hair locks

Attention, long hair lovers! Ultra-long locks are making a comeback, and everyone from moms to celebs is embracing the trend. Popularized by Cher in the 70’s and 80’s, waist-length locks rose to fame because of its effortlessly fashionable style. It perfectly combined chick sleekness and flower child freeness while being low-maintenance. With the “Cher Hair” […]

Global Trends

4 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas for Rooftop Gardens

Landscaping a rooftop is certainly not as easy as building a garden on the ground. But in New York City, where there isn’t enough yard space to work with even for hotels and restaurants, the next best thing is building a rooftop garden. Sounds impossible? With the right people, it isn’t. If you are thinking […]

Global Trends

These Hobbies Could Help Strengthen Your Family Bond

Studies show that family-oriented activities benefit everyone in the family, not to mention it strengthens the bond among members. These allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying every moment. The only question is which activities are best? Here are some hobbies that will improve the relationships among family members: Boating […]

Global Trends

Breaking News: Maintaining Your Social Media Profile

How should your business react to bad events? To start with, prioritise your consumers’ emotions. While people may not expect companies to halt business and sympathise with those affected by events, they will appreciate the gesture. And in this digital age, sympathy is typically conveyed on social media. How will your brand handle delicate situations […]

Global Trends

Improve Brand Perception with These Ideas

Perception is reality; this is an adage that you must always remember when you plan a branding campaign. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product or even use the highest quality materials, if a potential customer doesn’t see it the way you do, they will always choose the competition. An expert that […]

Global Trends

A Better Future by Learning German?

Parents who tell others that they encourage their children to learn German might get one of three responses: ‘Isn’t that too difficult for kids?’ ‘Why German? Why not *insert another language here*?’ ‘Can learning German help your child have a better future?’ With an abundance of other languages out there, many people do not immediately […]