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Choosing the Right Headstone: Top Things to Consider

Headstone in the cemeteryWhen death happens, the loved one’s left behind need time to grieve and remember the life of their beloved family member. The headstone plays a big part in making the legacy of the departed live on.

If you live in Ogden, Utah and you’re choosing among a variety of headstones, it pays to consider the following details:

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

You need to know the regulations in the area where your loved one will be buried. Some cemeteries set a limit to a headstone’s height or width, while others do not allow specific materials. While you can find cemeteries that install headstones for free, some may charge a fee for the service.


Your budget can become a concern, especially when fulfilling a will is concerned. While it is awkward to talk about finances in a period of grief, it may be important to check the will to find out if the deceased had requested for specific funeral arrangements, and if a particular amount was set aside for the funeral.

Type of Marker

Depending on your budget, you can choose an upright, kerbed, flat, or any other headstone style. But you need to make sure your marker of choice complies with the cemetery’s regulations.


The images or messages inscribed on the headstone are important to the people left behind. Elements, such as font, size, and images need to be considered, as well as the messages and images to include in the marker.

As you arrange a loved one’s funeral, be as specific as possible when providing instructions and make sure you get what you ordered. Headstones play a big role in preserving the memory of the deceased, and you need to see all the details that you specified. If possible, request for samples or proofs of the final product before paying for anything.

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