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Choosing Your Debutante’s First Jewelry Gift

Fine Jewelry in BoiseYou can give your child many kinds of gifts on her 18th birthday during her debutante ball. However, you may want to consider buying her jewelry to go well with her dress and looks. That said, these choices are ideal for a young woman who’s coming of age.

Silver and Platinum

Gold seems to be the favorite metal, but elderly women usually adorn themselves with this. Silver, platinum and even white gold won’t grab your attention with too much glint and glitter but its understated look is perfect for a young lady who doesn’t want to look too gaudy with her accessories. It is good taste to focus more on simplicity and elegance when she dresses up for her debutante party.

Single-Stone Pieces

Speaking of elegance and simplicity, single stones on specific jewelry pieces are acceptable for the debutante to wear during celebrations. She can actually choose jewelry that is set with her favorite stone or even a stone of their preferred color to match their eyes, hair or outfits. Choose a ring or a necklace with a moderately sized stone from the many jewelry stores in Boise and do ask the proprietor’s suggestion before making any final selections.

A Matching Set

If you want to go all out, why not choose a whole set of matching earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace for your debutante. Considering these are several pieces, they need not be worn all at the same time. However, if your young lady would like to wear a whole set, make sure you get pieces that have a simple design or inlaid with only small gems or a single pearl. Thin necklaces, stud earrings and single-strand bracelets would be preferred for an 18-year-old debutante.

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No need to be frivolous when buying your daughter’s first formal set of jewelry. It’s best that she wear simple yet tasteful pieces instead of flashy ones. It would be a wonderful way of augmenting her beauty and her youth and not attract anyone’s attention towards her accessories instead.

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