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Civil Engineers: Who Needs Them?

Civil engineer on a construction siteCivil engineers have the expertise to not only design infrastructure projects. They are also equipped to supervise them. Their services come in handy during the construction of airports, dams, bridges, and pipelines — just to mention a few. Yes, this field of expertise is important in an urban setting. If you have ever wondered what kind of industries need civil engineers, we have compiled a short list:


Throughout history, some of the most skilled people played a role in the formation of structures that we still see today. Currently, government agencies have a responsibility to construct and maintain rail lines, roadways, aviation terminals, and other complex structures. In short, civil engineer services are critical in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining infrastructures.

Water Utilities

This area of civil engineering mainly focuses on water treatment to make it suitable for human use. It also touches on conservation and the channelling of water after floods or storms. Water utility companies, therefore, need civil engineers to streamline their supply chains. You could also get help with designing of irrigation or sewer systems.


Private companies that deal with landfill management will need specialists in civil engineering. Hiring someone will design your landfill. They will also figure out matters regarding excavation and control of industrial waste. The same kind of services could be useful to government agencies whose operations touch on landfills.

Civil engineering services could save you from making mistakes during constructions. Such help could also ensure smooth operations for those running water utility projects. Transportation companies could also get support with safety management. Civil engineers have an in-depth understanding of roadwork and urban planning. Through feasibility studies, they could ensure that your projects work by your schedules and budgets.

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