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Content Marketing: 3 Top Places to Share Digital Content

Content MarketingMuch like any American state, you have to perform miracles to make your business stand out in The Volunteer State. The competition in major markets is so fierce there’s no other way to bring your brand closer to your customers, but to spend a considerable amount of marketing dollars before you can expect significant returns.

That is when your content publication strategy is right; but what if it’s not? Then you might never recoup your investment back—at least until you see and correct the error of your ways.

To help you save from the costly process of trial and error, make it a point to publish your content on these three online places to take your local SEO to new heights:

Social Networking Sites

It may not directly improve your SEO, but social media marketing is key to increasing your online footprint and generating traffic, says an expert from Considering the large number of digital channels out there and knowing where to focus is paramount.

Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest—do your research first and find out which platform your target audience uses to ensure your efforts bear fruit. On Facebook, build a strong fan base and share content strategically to stay relevant to your followers and get constant engagement.

Local News Outlets

Your chances of being published on a local news outlet than its national counterpart are higher. Because these sites are always on the lookout for fresh articles, they’re more likely to post your content as long as you adopt the format they use.

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Besides, nothing can better improve your visibility and establish your credibility to local customers than having articles that are hot off the press.


Many online communities have a particular forum that discusses specific topics to share experiences and help one another about their interests. Many local residents turn to these sites to find answers and gain some insights about anything that interest them.

As a subject matter expert, you can carve out a niche for your brand as the authority. It may need some work, but having a dedicated team to expand your presence on the forums can help build more links to your site and win loyal fans.

There are countless of places to publish your content on the internet, but not all could serve as a fertile ground where your presence could grow. With the help of content marketing team, your pieces could be noticed and get the attention they deserve.

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