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Craft Your Engagement Ring to Reflect How You Feel

engagement ring setPeople usually relegate engagement rings with couples about to propose, but they can actually be for couples that have long been married, too. After some time has passed, personal taste and trends change that you may want to change your engagement ring into one that represents your marriage now.

Of course, changing your engagement ring will still be up to personal preference, but for those who want it, you can definitely do it.

Ways to Change Your Ring

Now, before you skip your way to jewelers in Hatton Garden, engagement rings can have an update in different ways. You can purchase a new ring entirely, or have a new one custom-designed.

When you want to keep parts of your old ring, however, you can instead have the stone reset on a new metal band or a new ring style, or you can also add or replace the stones.

Discuss with Your Spouse

You can change your ring according to your current tastes, but obviously, you will have to talk with your spouse first. You both will be able to choose the ring together. You have to explain your reasons for the change, however, to make your spouse understand and agree.

Work with each other and take your time, so as not to end up with a change you both will regret.


The next step involves appraising your old ring or parts of it. When you know the true value of your ring or parts of the ring, you can sell it or the parts. You can then use the proceeds for your new ring or the update of your old one.

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Set a Budget

Finally, decide on your budget. How much you will be willing to spend will limit your ring options. Knowing your budget also helps you smartly spend; going into debt for a new ring will not be worthwhile.

With the steps above, you can change your engagement ring and show the world the continuing love between you and your spouse.

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