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Creative vs. Industrial: Flat Metal Sheet Uses for Both

Stainless steelA lot of the things that we encounter daily are made of the same versatile material – sheet metal. Flat metal sheets or sheet metal is commonly used for industrial purposes. They are a popular choice because they can be cut into any size and shape and comes in varying thickness. Flat metal sheets are also durable despite being lightweight. Some of the industries that use metal sheets are:

Automotive Industry

Most car bodies are made of sheet metal. The same is true for other vehicles.

Aviation Industry

The wings and fuselages of aircraft are covered in sheet metal.


Sheet metal is commonly used as a roofing material as well as flashing for roofs. Indoors, it’s used for flues and vents. Sheet metal is also used for gutters and conductor pipes.

The armed forces also use sheet metal for several things such as landing craft carriers, submarines, and tanks.

Other things that involve sheet metal in their fabrication are refrigerators, freezers, lockers, toolboxes, and mailboxes.

Welding Experts

From the examples above, it’s quite clear that sheet metal is in high demand in a lot of industries. However, did you know that manipulating flat metal sheets is not as easy as it sounds?

Welders are those who specialize in fusing or joining materials together. It takes education, skill, and a lot of experience to do a flawless welding job.

Artsy Option

If you’re not too hot about industrial applications, then you might be interested to know that sheet metal can also be used to create art. Sheet metal is every bit as decorative as it is functional. History buffs and reenactors craft full-size body armor from sheet metal, exactly the way medieval craftsmen did. Sheet metal is also turning heads in the world of interior design with metal flowers, candle holders and cases, and other wall fixtures becoming ever more popular.

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The use of sheet metal crosses different industries and covers many applications that it’s impossible to list everything down. What would the world be like without it?

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