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Cremation is Rising in Popularity in the US

Senior woman collecting an urn from a funeral homeMany Americans these days are considering cremation as their preferred choice for their interment plans. Cremation has been rising in popularity in recent years, but in 2016 the number of Americans who wanted to be cremated reached an all-time high.

Cremation Over Burial

The National Funeral Directors Association recently reported that 50 percent of Americans have chosen to be cremated instead of buried. Back in 2010, the rate remained at 40 percent. In five years the rate surged by ten percent.

One probable reason for the rise has been the increase in price in caskets. In Salt Lake City, some funeral homes can charge as much as $10,000. However, many online sites offer $500 for a pine box.

Cremation in Other Nations

Compared to other nations like Japan or Switzerland, however, the U.S. cremation rate ranks much lower. In Japan, everyone chooses cremation due to tradition and custom. In Switzerland, a rate of 85.4 percent of the population chooses cremation.

Reasons for Cremation

Cremation already passed the burial rate in 2015, and the NDFA predicts the gap between cremation and burial to grow larger. Some industry figures credit this rise to growing American “individualism”, in which people choose to do what they want instead of following what other people say or do.

Another reason for the rise stems from Americans increasingly identifying as religiously unaffiliated. As such, many have been choosing cremation over burial. The rising cost of funeral services has also been a driving reason since cremation does not require burial plots, caskets, and headstones that make burial expensive.

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Many people also choose cremation for a host of other reasons. Cremation allows for extensive flexibility regarding the disposition of remains. People can wait indefinitely until the time comes when they want to bury or scatter the remains.

Choose the Right One

Though cremation is becoming popular, many still choose traditional burial practices. Many funeral homes in Salt Lake City offer both types of interment services. They help their clients in making the arrangements for urns, caskets, and other funeral services. It’s best to contact a funeral home to know which services they could offer.

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