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Despite High Gas Prices, More Americans Plan Go On A Road Trip

Person holding a gas pumpMore people in the U.S. still plan on going on a road trip this year despite high gas prices and traffic on major highways and roads.

On the Fourth of July alone, the American Automobile Association (AAA) expects a record high of almost 47 million people who would travel at least 50 miles during the holiday. In Virginia, around 1.3 million people are expected to spend time away from home.

Unfazed Travel Plans

An AAA study showed that 64% of families would plan to travel during the summer season, including a road trip adventure. If you only plan to explore places near Virginia, there are a lot of sights and attractions. In Springfield, Mexican restaurants and different national parks are some of the best places to visit for the upcoming holidays.

Some people would prefer to postpone their plans after Independence Day has passed, which is understandable to avoid traffic and crowded places. You can also save on hotel rates during certain lean weekends since most businesses usually offer discounts right after a holiday has gone.

Best States For Road Trips

Virginia ranks among the top 15 states for a road trip this year, based on an analysis. The cost of travel in Virginia is quite expensive as it placed 35th among 50 states, but it ranked high in terms of safety and family activities. The analysis listed Wyoming as the best state overall followed by North Carolina and Minnesota.

Texas and Florida ranked third and fourth respectively while Louisiana, Washington, New York, Utah and Colorado completed the top 10.

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When planning a road trip, it’s best to travel for shorter distances this year to save on money for fuel. In this way, you can strike a balance between spending within your budget and going out of the house at the same time.

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