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Different Uses of a Cherry Picker

Cherry picker being used to trim the treeThere are different uses for cherry pickers, both for outdoor and for indoor applications. These machines also come with different motors, from diesel to electric, hybrid to fully battery-powered.

A hydraulic system powers the articulated or the telescopic boom, which the operator can control to reach their desired specific heights. Although other equipment and assemblies may do the same job, a cherry picker offers more versatility. It can be operated by one person and makes the job go a lot faster.

Despite the rather specific name, a cherry picker hire in Staffordshire has different uses. Here are some of the most common reasons these machines are hired.

House Painting

You may use a ladder or scaffolding to paint a house, but in areas where there are immovable obstacles, or where the ladder or scaffolding cannot reach the desired height, a cherry picker may offer a better option.

Roof Repairs or Maintenance

As a cherry picker can manoeuvre around obstacles and avoid damaging landscaping, it is a better option for repairing roofs or gutters. As with painting, you can use a ladder or scaffolding, but these are limited and have to be positioned on the ground where they may damage the landscaping. Cherry pickers offer a safer and more comfortable position for the worker, especially when the job takes a long time to finish.


Filming during a sporting event can be difficult due to the presence of a large number of people. With a cherry picker, this is not a problem. It is safe and stable, and of course, it is moveable. It can also be used when filming a motion picture in place of a crane. A cherry picker is not just used for camerawork. It can also be used for lighting and effects, such as producing artificial rain for a scene.

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Trimming Trees

A cherry picker is perhaps the safest option when the job is to trim a tree, whether for private use or government projects. Trimming trees may also be part of your project when maintaining your roof.

These are only a few of the jobs you can do with a cherry picker. Industry professionals and homeowners alike can benefit from the use of these versatile platforms.

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