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Does Being Nice Help You Become an Effective Manager?

Manager talking to his employeesPeople will typically prefer to be popular, especially at the workplace. In a bid to do so, most employees try to avoid conflict with colleagues and they make an effort to be nice. But does “being a nice” stunt your full potential as a person of authority?

Whether you’re in training as a store manager or managing an entire department, you may walk the fine line between “authoritative” and “domineering.” This doesn’t have to be the case. While you don’t have to be agreeable all the time, certain situations in your workplace will require careful, sometimes compassionate approach.

Instead of trying to be nice, you may have better results with being kind. Here are ways to do it:

Own Up to Your Mistakes

Once you make a bad decision and your team or business suffers, own up to it. Being accountable is an important trait, especially for leaders. Blaming it on others will only weaken your authority because it shows you lack a sense of responsibility.

Confront Difficult Issues

In management training programs, you learn to face difficulties head on. While being the “nice guy” helps you get on the good side of your team, facing difficult issues, from reprimanding an employee to introducing an unpopular policy, shows that you are in control.

Monitor Performance

One of your responsibilities as a manager is monitoring your team’s performance. Some find it difficult to reward those who deserve it, thinking that other employees would feel passed over. But doing this will build your team’s respect for you because it tells them that you appreciate their hard work.

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Respect Your Employees

A study on the Harvard Business Review revealed that 54% of employees don’t feel respected by their bosses. If you respect your staff, they’ll respect you, too. But if you start reprimanding them in public, failing to recognize their achievements, and not addressing their concerns, it only shows that you are being an inconsiderate leader to them.

Taking the reins doesn’t mean that you have to act tough all the time. There has to be control and respect from both manager and employee. It doesn’t matter what type of organization you’re managing, from a retail store to a large company, your leadership has to inspire a harmonious relationship in the workplace.

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