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Dog Days of Summer: Outdoor Marketing for Your Canine Business

Chihuahua Puppy in a MugThe summer is a great time for dog related businesses — the weather is perfect for taking the dogs out for a walk, and more people are spending their time outdoors. With the summer season in full swing, companies would do well to take advantage of the nice weather and take their advertising outside.

Advertising outdoors is extremely beneficial, whether you have a pet shop, an animal welfare organization, or any company that is related to dogs. Businesses that offer dog walking, pet sitting, or grooming services usually have an uptick of business during the summer. Some pet owners go on vacation or just want their dogs’ fur trimmed in preparation for the warmer weather. It is a busy time for dog lovers in general.

Dog Days of Summer

With the dog days of summer approaching, outdoor advertising should be a priority of businesses who want to have a successful season. “Dog days” used to refer to the peak of summer in the Northern hemisphere, when the dog constellation, Sirius, appears in the sky. Today, it simply refers to the hottest days of the summer season, when temperatures rise.

Coincidentally, “dog days” is also a slang term that refers to the promotional materials and gimmicks created by American ballparks to boost their afternoon ticket sales. For many businesses, summer typically means less activity, which means they need to work harder to make a profit.

Luckily, canine businesses have a bit more luck during the summer. Advertising outdoors is a great way to appeal to dog lovers everywhere. You just have to be creative so that your marketing campaign stands out.

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Advertise With Your Dogs

Big DogsDogs are fantastic spokespersons and models for advertising campaigns. Indeed, even businesses that have nothing to do with dogs will often use the furballs in their advertising. Cute, well-behaved, and almost universally appealing, dogs just catch everyone’s attention right away.

Take your dogs out for a walk and create customized, printed dog collars and leashes to show off your business. You can get durable, beautifully printed leashes from providers like They can design the artwork for you and print the dog accessories ourselves, complete with your choice of fittings.

Your dogs will catch the attention of your target audience, but it’s your promotional leashes and collars that will get your message across.

Put Up Signage and Banners

Banners and signage is still a popular choice for outdoor advertising because they simply work. You will get to target an exact geographical location and bring people to your shop or event.

Advertising a dog show or a fund raiser for your animal shelter? Just print your own banners and place them in strategic locations all over town.

Give Out Free Stuff

People love receiving free stuff. Along with your outdoor advertising, take advantage of the warm weather and give out free promotional items to whoever is passing by. You can give away one of the printed leashes we mentioned earlier, or give out samples of dog food as well as other products.

Giving out free samples builds rapport with your audience and makes your company seem more generous and trustworthy.

Do not let the nice weather go to waste! Outdoor advertising will do wonders for your business, especially during the do days of summer.

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