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Don’t Go Blind. Wear Safety Glasses

A collection of personal protection equipment for a worker Eyesight is a precious gift. Each day that you open your eyes when you wake up is another day to appreciate the beauty of the world in living colour. Not everyone has been blessed with this gift, so you need to enjoy and protect it as much as you possibly can.

If the kind of work you do exposes you to eye injuries, you need to use safety devices like safety glasses from Esko. Prevent such injuries from occurring that could, at the very least, temporarily impair your vision or at worst, cause permanent blindness.

Difference between Safety Glasses and Regular Eye Glasses

Safety glasses are made of materials that have higher resistance to impact, both in the frame as well as the actual lenses, when compared to regular eyeglasses. This is because regular eye glasses were made to be used in a non-risk environment and have only one major function, which is to enhance your vision, whereas safety glasses were made primarily for protection with secondary consideration for vision improvement when installed with prescription lenses.

Some Types of Safety Glasses

The kind of safety glasses you should use largely depends on the type of environment you work in and/or the tools that you use for work. Some of these are:

1. Safety glasses equipped with high-impact resistant side shields are worn to protect your eyes in a work environment where flying objects and particles abound.

2. Safety glasses with full face shields protect your entire face from the sparks of grinders, arc welders, etc., as well as flying particles. When excessive glare is an issue (as is the case when you use arc welders, these face shields are tinted rather than clear.

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3. Safety glasses that snugly fit around your eyes (with direct ventilation) are used in environments where there is a lot of dust.


Once you go blind, you will have virtually no chance to recover your sight. Don’t put your ability to see the colours of the world at risk. Protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and this is certainly true when it comes to your sense of sight.

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