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Downsizing to a More Manageable Lifestyle

Couple holding house modelIt’s nice to own a house, but what if homeownership itself is the reason you can’t budget your money properly? If you’re living in a house that is too big for your needs or you just want to downsize to save some money, looking at a second property might be a good idea. Then, you can make a profit from selling your first home.

Here’s how a wise investor will do it:

Checking Mortgage Options

You either own the house after paying the mortgage for years, or you can’t afford the mortgage and want to look for refinancing opportunities. Whatever the case, you’ll need to check the mortgage rates on offer from various Utah lenders like and see if the climate is favorable for a purchase. Consider whether you should get a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage while you’re at it.

Looking for a Seller

A private sale is good if you know someone from your circle of friends who might be interested in a new home. You may also get help from a real estate agency, but this will involve giving them a cut of the profit. Assess the value of the property as accurately as possible, then add a decent markup for profit, including the fee for the real estate agency.

Downsizing Your Expenses

The purpose of moving to a smaller house is for you to save on home expenses. This will only happen if you follow through with the plan. Otherwise, you’d have wasted your effort on looking for a new house, coming up with the down payment, and looking for a seller for your first house. For a more manageable life, declutter and sell as many of your unused items as you can through a garage sale. This gives you a bit more to spare for rainy days.

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Living large is not always the way to go. When you’re drowning because of high living costs, consider downsizing.

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