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Easy Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Music Career

Musicians playing on stageAs a musician, you deserve to enjoy the full benefits of your talent. If you are just starting out in the industry, it is easy to forget about copyright and focus more on marketing.

However, unless you want to treat music as a hobby, it is necessary to understand a few simple things that could make or break your career. Here are four of them.

Get serious about accounting

Many celebrities out there could be making much more money if they were careful about accounting. Get a specialist in for royalties accounting to look at your contract and help secure your income streams.

Working towards optimizing and automating the management process for your royalties is also a smart move.

Learn your exclusive rights

Ensure you copyright all your composition. A copyright guarantees that only you have the right to produce copies of your music and that no one else can distribute or perform your songs without your permission.

Get federal registration

Simply composing a song grants your exclusive rights, so you may be tempted to forgo registration. That is a risky decision. Without registration by the relevant copyright body, you miss out on statutory damages and attorney’s fees. Without copyright, how can you prove that you own the music should the need arise?

Avoid infringing

Are you tempted to use just a small part of a popular song, or even the “hook” of it, as part of your new composition? Seek permission first. As there is no minimum standard for infringement, even a three-second sample from someone else’s song can land you into trouble.

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While your attorneys should be able to take care of the finer details of your musical career, it pays to understand a few basics, so you enjoy the full profits of your talent. By taking a few easy measures to protect yourself, you can go on to enjoy a highly rewarding vocation.

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