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Effective Pay Per Click Strategies for Your Business

Pay Per Click StrategiesPaid search is one way to reach your audience effectively, but if you spend money on ads without thinking about them, you will not only waste resources, but also miss out on building a strong consumer base. A clear-cut strategy enables you to boost profits, create a strong brand identity and identify the needs and wants of your customers.

These simple strategies from PurpleClick Media will allow you to manage your pay per click campaign properly: 

Ad Scheduling

Most businesses want their ads to appear 24/7 this may sound like a good strategy, but it wastes your resources because to bid the same amount on an ad throughout the day is unnecessary. If you look at the trends and analytics of your account, it will show that the search and performance patterns of your audience changes throughout the day. An effective strategy is to display ads on days and hours where your visitors are likely to convert.

Ad Messaging

It’s not just about creating content and paying Google or other search engines to display your ads. It’s also about crafting a fine-tuned message that includes the benefits you offer to your target market, highlighting the key aspects of your company and your differentiators from competitors.

Use of Ad Extensions

Search engines like Google provide users with several extensions that enable them to stand out from the glut of competitors within their industry. Call, link, call out and review extensions are some of the tools at a user’s disposal. These also affect the quality scores of your ads, when you don’t use them it may have a negative effect on the ranking of your ads, which also affects cost per click.

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These paid search strategies are only the tip of the iceberg; you have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to paying for search engines to display your ads. A clear message to consumers and understanding of your brand identity enables you to create an effective campaign.

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