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Expunging Excess: Stuff to Get Rid of When Downsizing

Self storage facilityThere comes a time when you realise you simply have too many stuff. Call it capitalism, materialism, call it whatever you want – there’s really no use for each and every trinket lying around your house. When you’re downsizing homes, the problem becomes even more pressing when there’s no longer any room for all those useless doodahs.

Getting rid of this excess stuff is the only solution for clutter-free living. While sorting out how to dispose of these things, or just waiting for them to sell, Port Douglas Storage recommends finding a convenient storage site where they can be kept safely without overcrowding your new place. As such, consider tossing the following things, so they don’t burden you with clutter.

Oversized Filing Cabinets

Portable hard drives have made bulky, physical file storage equipment obsolete years ago. All your relevant documents shouldn’t amount to more than a few folders and envelopes. Thus, it’s time for the cabinet to go.

Dining Table

Full-sized dining tables, among other furniture pieces, have no room for downsized homes or apartment spaces. Unless you’re hosting dinner parties on a nightly basis, you can do with a much smaller table.

Media Cabinets

Cabinets sure are space eaters! Ever since the arrival of wall-mounted flat screen TVs and internet streaming, media cabinets harbouring stereo speakers with subwoofers and DVD players have already dug their place in the space-hogger graveyard, figuratively speaking.

Seasonal Decorations

Halloween, Christmas, and the like only comes round once a year, so there’s no reason for their festive decorations to be eating up space in your new, smaller house for the next 365 days or so. Pack the Jack o’lanterns, skulls, Christmas trees, wreaths, lights, and all that stuff in boxes and lock them up in self-storage units. Just come back for them when it’s decoration time again.

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For a more organised storage scheme, group and pack them by type into boxes and label them for easy identification. Wrap fragile stuff in newspapers or bubble wrap to cushion them from any accidental impacts or falls. Afterwards, you may be surprised at how little stuff you really need, and how much living space you really have.

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