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Factors to Consider in Selecting a Hospitality Supplies Company

Woman working on the hospitality supplies for every clientAs the global economy adjusts to cope with various scenarios that occur almost regularly, the effects are felt even in the hospitality industry. Disruptive forces such as the emerging business model spearheaded by new entrants like Airbnb are fast changing the management styles and in the hospitality industry.

Some of the trends seen in contemporary hotels include the revamp of food and beverage offerings and provision of residential-style design and ambience.

In one of the leading brands in the hospitality industry, AccorHotels, twenty-five percent of its $13.6 billion revenue in 2014 it earned from its food and beverage offerings. This highlights the critical need for providing the quality of hospitality supply and service delivery that stimulates nostalgia in guests.

Hotel Supplies Affect Reputation

There is a correlation between the quality of supplies and the hospitality brand’s reputation for quality. Suppliers abound but the quality of products differs, and these must match the perceived brand status.

Every item must be seen as a brand touch point and therefore capable of further establishing or lowering perception. This holds true regardless of whether the item belongs in the bedding, carpeting or housekeeping categories.

Each item presented to a guest can make or mar a brand’s reputation. Here are four factors to consider in selecting a supplier.

Product Training and Guidance

Even with an estimated global staff strength of one hundred thousand and almost seven hundred properties, leading hotel brand, Hilton ensures constant training of staff to ensure proper handling of hospitality supplies.

Key metrics for determining vendor expertise includes the ability to meet quality, reliability, storage and distribution of required supplies.

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Seasonal Demand

Some supplies rise at certain seasons such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day celebrations. Can the supplier meet the surge in demand adequately without causing any bottlenecks in the hotel’s ability to meet up with guests’ requests?


Guests can discern quality and based on the reputation the brand possesses or is seeking to attain, the quality expectation may well be at its peak. It is important to ensure that selected vendors do not scrimp on quality.

Hospitality supplies are very important in the industry as they help to establish the reputation of a brand through maintenance of quality.

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