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Familiarizing with Screen Printing in Auckland: Colour Matching

Screen PrintingIf you thought screen printing is only for textile and t-shirts printing, you are wrong. There are different applications screen printers in Auckland use today, including graphic, signage, and sticker printing. Screen printing is available for printing on non-fabric materials such as plastic, wood, metal and coroplast surfaces. And colour matching is important when printing on such materials.

So, What is Colour Matching?

Colour matching refers to a process in screen printing where you need to use colour samples to match colours to produce a print of the exact colour that a client needs. Usually, printing experts use a colour matching system when standardising a customer’s products.

It is, therefore, important you consult and work with a skilled and experienced printing specialist to ensure you have the right match of colour for your next screen printing project as some factors have an effect on colour, and are important when designing a new part.

These factors include:


Squeegees have an effect on colour matching as they do on printing colours. The pressure that the squeegee blade applies on the screen and the sharpness of the squeegee determine the amount of ink that the squeegee dispenses. More pressure means the application of less ink hence resulting in a lighter colour.

Screen Mesh and Mode of Printing

The screen mesh you use affects the colour matching process in that a lower mesh count injects more ink onto the printing surface, thus creating a darker tone. Consequently, a higher mesh count will produce a lighter colour.

Additionally, the size of the mesh depends on the mode of printing in use. Press printing controls other factors that affect colour, unlike in manual printing where you do not have control over the printing colour.

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As complex as it may appear to be, colour matching does not have to be a complicated process when using the right screen printers in Auckland like Signs n Stuff. To ensure efficient colour matching, it is important you use the right tools of work, educate customers, and properly prepare the artwork for printing.




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