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Fast Food Chain Giant McDonald’s Sale Slows Down

McdonaldsBeing forerunners of the food industry, McDonald’s is known for serving billions of people all over the world and for having a stable, if not rising, sales along with their continuous success. With the arrival of fast casual restaurants like Chipotle, however, the Golden Arches is faced with the challenge of upping their game to get back to the top of the fast food chain.

As competition grows fiercer, sales and revenue are at a downward trend for McDonald’s as restaurants that offer fresher alternative at a very affordable price keep opening.

Fast Casual Restaurants

America’s struggle with obesity and unhealthy eating habits has long been fought. With the country’s mushroom-like existence of fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, etc. the long-awaited victory has still yet to be achieved.

The emergence of Chipotle has created an opportunity for Americans to have fresher ingredients served at a fast food pace and environment—a convenient alternative to preservative-filled food.

Fast casual restaurants serve fresher food only quicker, compared to fine dining restaurants at the price and convenience of fast food chains. Their ongoing success and growth puts McDonald’s, and the like, in a very tough position.

The slump in the economic trend for the Golden Arches has made them realize the need for a change in their marketing and maybe even their menu.

The Big Move

The decision of McDonald’s to remake their menu and create relevant changes to address the needs of the market and the betterment of the people is a smart one. The incumbent Chief Executive of the corporation, Steve Easterbrook, realizes the changes that have to be made effective immediately. Upon saying, “Where we need to fix the fundamentals, we need to act—now. I’m not looking for incremental steps,” saw rise in their shares in New York.

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The changes will affect the menu, ingredients, and handling of goods—giving consumers healthier options and better food quality. Its implementation aims to stabilize the number of sales and customers in favor of McDonald’s.

People are already anticipating the big move and will be lining up for it. The hype it builds will be enough to get a lot of attention from a large group of people.

McDonald’s takes this opportunity to address the company’s growing interest and hunger in change, because of the need to stay relevant despite its tenure in the industry.

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